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Girls' Shared Garden Bedroom Makeover

The complete room tour for our girls' shared bedroom is finally here and I'm so excited to share all of the details with you - if you're looking specifically for a product source, scroll to the bottom. 

When we found out that our third & final child was going to be a girl (that makes 3 little ladies if you're new around here), I immediately had visions of a shared bedroom where they'd read books to each other and have to quell their nighttime giggles. After being a mom for a few years now though, I wasn't sure it'd turn out as magical as I thought it in my head because there's a lot of whining and arguing in real life, but I'm happy to say they truly love their shared bedroom and I don't regret it one bit!

A few people have commented that they'd love to do this if they had more space, but here's the thing... this room is only 10 feet x 13 feet! Yep, only 130 square feet for three girls. It's okay if you think I'm crazy, my mom and husband thought I was, too, but with a little hard work & creativity, I'm happy to say that the vision that was only once in my head was made into a reality.

As for the question, "Where are all of their toys?" Well, I'm a big believer in less is more and we try to purge a few times a year, but that being said - we do have a designated play room where lots of messes are made. Since their bedroom is literally just for sleeping and getting dressed, it stays pretty clean thanks to a few systems in place, specifically each girl having her own 3 drawer dresser and making their beds in the morning is a breeze with the Beddy's zipper bedding system. I have a detailed post coming on how our family of 5 stays semi-organized, but clothing is the biggest factor. Each girl gets her own dresser and the top drawer holds tank tops & short sleeve shirts, the middle drawer holds long sleeve shirts and the bottom drawer holds shorts & pants for each child. Inside the closet door is a tall 5 drawer dresser that holds collective items like their undies, socks, pajamas, bows & bathing suits. Then their nice blouses, sweaters & dresses get hung up. Shoes go in the baskets downstairs and coats get hung on the hooks downstairs. Everything has a place.

When we were house hunting, I made sure to get exact measurements for any house we were seriously considering to make sure there'd be enough space for three twin beds. Here is the listing photo of the room before. 

Here it is after the FIRST reveal:

And now after our mini makeover where we replaced the ceiling fan for the crocheted pendant, added a styled wall shelf, completed the opposite wall decor and swapped out the white bedding for our vintage blush zipper bedding

Thanks for stopping by to check it out & as always, let me know if you have any questions!

Sources are affiliate linked below, read my disclosure for more information. 

Paint Color is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, but color matched & made by Glidden in their Duo Diamond Line at Home Depot. 

DIY Shiplap

Memory Foam Twin Mattress
These are the 8" mattresses that I got on Amazon, they are super comfy and come rolled up. There is an option for 10" thickness as well (I think standard mattresses are 10"-14"), but for 3 of them it added up so we went with 8" thickness. I did tuck some excess fabric from the bedding into the rails since the bedding is compatible for mattresses up to 15". 
White Metal Twin Frame Bed
LOVE these beds - no box spring required, slats only and you can adjust the height from 7" - 11". I got ours from Amazon, but they're actually cheapest here! (And they sell for $100 more at Target! - Same manufacturer, style & everything)

Watercolor Floral Wallpaper Artwork 
We got the 24" x 36" size artwork and framed these ourselves, but you can take any frame & just remove the glass front for a similar look. 

(Note that the one in this room is 36" x 36" but because this size is very costly to package and ship, I made a 24" x 24" version available instead)

Vintage Blush II All-in-One Zipper Bedding 
We are proud to be a Beddy's Partner - use code ELLISONMADE20 for 20% off your Beddy's purchase!

Pink Tassel Pillow OR Blush Faux Fur Pillow Covers
(I bought mine from Kirkland's at a very deep discount, they have since discontinued those pillows, but I've linked two darling options above.

IKEA Rast Dresser
These were the smallest dressers I could find. They come in a natural, solid pine wood, so we just painted them white and spray painted the knobs black. They do not hold a ton, but they hold enough for each girls' tops & bottoms. 

Natural Shallow Basket with Handles
(Used to hold books)
Mine is from Home Goods years ago, but I've linked a darling one at Target

Natural Tall Basket
(Used as laundry hamper)
A random find, but I've linked a similar basket we have in our living room & love.
DIY Wall Mounted Night Stand Coming Soon