Switch Witch Halloween Candy Swap

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The Switch Witch

Have you heard of the Switch Witch? She helps your family create a fun & healthier Halloween by swapping out your candy for a fun toy! It's a great option for children with food allergies, Type 1 diabetes (formerly juvenile diabetes) or any family seeking a healthier lifestyle - it also encourages giving, positive behavior and inclusivity. 

How it works:
Our kids get dressed up in their Halloween costumes and go trick-or-treating with their friends. When we return home, they dump their bags of candy into a large cauldron (you can let your kid keep a few pieces if you wish). I have the book, Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft, and we read it on Halloween night before bed. I took out pages 12-15 which have an Elf on the Shelf vibe (the witch sits in your home all October long and watches your behavior to determine if you've been good or bad - which I don't particularly enforce) and since I only read this on Halloween night, I just removed those pages. The book also comes with a little witch doll we named Sabrina and she sits next to the candy cauldron on Halloween night. I like to add a bit of whimsy to it, so I let each of the girls "stir" the candy in the cauldron before they go to bed. 

When our kids wake up in the morning, SURPRISE!, their candy has been swapped with a toy! I personally add a healthy-ish treat bag for each of them. We all love our new Halloween tradition! Since we only do 4 gifts per child for Christmas, this is a big deal to them.

As for the goody bags, here are some of the natural, sugar-free treats I include in ours. Our children do not have food allergies, but with my husband having Type 1 diabetes and me having a MTHFR mutation, we limit sugar and synthetic chemicals/preservatives.  

***Some of the items are from Thrive Market (I'm obsessed), so if you aren't already a Thrive Market customer, use this link to save 25% off your first order! You can find Smart Sweets on Amazon, but you will pay more.***

We also make low-carb peanut butter cups and gelatin gummy worms. 

Where does the candy go?
As for your cauldron full of Halloween Candy, you can certainly throw it away, but there are so many other options for it. We personally do the Halloween Buy Back program because it's so convenient. I drop the box of candy off at a local dentist's office and it gets sent to troops overseas from there.

Here are some other options:

I've read some people discouraging the Switch Witch stating that removing certain foods from the home encourages unhealthy eating habits and doesn't allow "kids to be kids". I respectfully disagree. As a parent, it is my responsibility to guide my children to develop healthy habits in all areas of their life - not just food. Just like we don't have unlimited screen time nor allow them to wear a bathing suit when it's 40 degrees outside, we have a certain set of boundaries and they are free to choose within those boundaries. Not to mention, there are many children who literally can not eat their Halloween candy due to medical conditions so I think the Switch Witch is a fantastic option for some!

That's how it works for our family. What about yours? Do you have any special Halloween traditions? I'd love to hear them!

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