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One Room Challenge, Week 4: Peel & Stick Flooring

We're already at Week 4 in the One Room Challenge. We're in the home stretch with less than two weeks for the big reveal. Check out all of the other guest participants and their spaces here and read on to see how the last two weeks have gone for us. 


It felt like we were at a stand still from week two until now at week 4 because we had to wait for our flooring to arrive from overseas. You guys will be shocked to learn that I opted for tile stickers from an Etsy shop to place over my old linoleum flooring. I'm not talking about peel & stick tiles that are thick and have a super strong adhesive, these are just 0.3mm thick vinyl stickers that go on top of existing tiles, however since I had linoleum with really weird grout lines, I just treated it as a solid surface and asked the shop owner to make faux grout lines for me to mimic the look of tile when the stickers are butted up against each other. 

What's really cool is that these stickers have a laminated vinyl waterproof surface so you can easily clean them and if water gets on top, you simply wipe it up. I accidentally tested this out when I laid the sample on the floor and when we removed the washer hookup, water dripped on to them and it just formed a pool on top, it didn't seep in, warp or anything. 

This was such an easy DIY. The most important part is prepping your surface to make sure they are squeaky clean and there is no debris left behind since the stickers are so thin, it'll show through. 

To clean, I just used a wrung wet sponge and a putty knife to scrape up any dried paint of other random goo I stumbled upon. (I'm going to tell myself that it was hardened liquid detergent.)

Then, you will peel approximately 1" or so of the backing under itself, stick it down where you want it and use a ruler or squeegee to apply the remaining sticker down to remove any air bubbles. To see some video footage including the actual application tutorial, visit my Instagram highlight labeled "Laundry Room".

Here I am applying it. Other than prep, I would say to be aware and prepared to tackle any slightly crooked walls, trim work, etc. Keep a pair of scissors and a razor blade handy to get into the nook and crannies. And make sure each one is aligned right up to the next one to keep everything symmetrical, especially if you don't have real tile to use as a guide.

Here is a customer photo I grabbed from the Snazzy Decal flooring shop website on top of real tile. I just love the way it looks and this make applying it a breeze since you your square stickers already lined up to go on top of the tiles.



The biggest obstacle left will be making our modern herringbone sliding door. We removed the old laundry door because space was so tight when it was opened. See week 1 to see just how snug it was between the laundry room door and the dryer door. I have a few design options in mind, but here are some of the inspiration photos I've been looking at. 

Beautiful all black door by Angela Rose Home

 I just adore this pattern from White Shanty Design

The different wood tones and the pattern on this one from Pinterest is incredible!

I know it's not a barn door, but the black tile and white grout on this shower from Nemo Tile are giving me all kinds of inspiration! 


So far, all that's left to do is build the door, put up the shelf, style the decor and get ready for reveal day! As always, for more behind the scenes, follow along on Instagram @ellisonmade