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Greatest Showman Costumes

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The Greatest Showman came out on December 8, 2017 and we've been waiting all year long to rock these costumes. I went to see it in theater with friends and took my oldest daughter a few weeks later. As for family friendliness, there are a few questionable parts, but overall nothing too obscene. 

When it was available to view at home, we watched it all the time. Our three daughters loved to pretend to be different characters so when I asked if they wanted to dress up like them for Halloween, I received a resounding "yes!". So without further ado, here are three female characters from the Greatest Showman and how I made all of the costumes for under $100. 

Anne Wheeler "The Trapeze Act"


-Purple Ruffle Sleeve Leotard
-Purple Ruffle Skirt
-Pink Temporary Hair Spray
-Gold Embellishment Ribbon
-Gold Spray Paint
-Hula Hoop
-Bobby Pins & Clips
-Hot Glue Gun

I purchased the leotard and skirt online, added some gold rhinestone trim and a purple ribbon bow to the leotard. Since I don't sew very well, I used a hot glue gun instead. The pink bouffant hair is Anne's signature look so I sprayed my daughter's hair lightly with the pink temporary spray, brushed it through and then styled as best as I could with a curling iron, clips and bobby pins. Anne and her brother, W.D., are a trapeze act so it was only fitting to add an aerial hoop similar to what Anne used in the movie. I simply spray painted a cheap hula hoop.

Jenny Lind "The Opera Singer"

-Off-White Dress with Jacket
*I found ours at Burlington Coat Factory for $20, but I've linked some other options above*
-Auburn Brown Wig
*I found ours at Wal-Mart for $5 in the Halloween section, but I've linked a similar one above*
-Red Lipstick
-Bobby Pins & Clips

For this look, I knew I needed to get creative because everything about Jenny Lind is regal and royal looking, which means expensive and I had a tight budget. I looked online, but couldn't find anything with that "wow" factor so I went to a local Burlington Coat Factory and found a great dupe. It was a cream dress with gold glitter detail work and came with a fur jacket. It was a size 10 and my daughter is a petite 7, but it had a satin bow to be tied in back so I pulled it snug on her. The length was a little long, but it worked perfectly since Jenny's dress is floor-length. With the jacket being quarter sleeve, I just rolled the sleeves up on ours. As for the hair, I bought a cheap auburn wig and styled it with bobby pins. Lastly, a bold red lip color completed the look. 

Lettie Lutz "The Bearded Lady"


-Purple Ruffle Girl's Dress
-Brown/Black Curly Hair Wig
*I found ours at Wal-Mart for $5 in the Halloween section, but I've linked a similar one above*
-Red & Purple Fake Flowers
-Glue Gun
-Black Face Paint

The bearded lady was probably the most fun to recreate. On a whim, I purchased a dress on Amazon that I thought might work and when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. I cut off some of the floral embellishment pieces that were stitched on and thought about adding the black trim, but never got around to it. I think it still worked pretty well. For the hair, I bought a cheap dark curly haired wig, gathered it together and then clipped it up top. I glued red and purple flowers onto a plastic headband and put the headband on top of the wig. What's a bearded lady without her beard? Face paint for a beard, mustache and even some trimmings from the wig to add "hair" to the beard. Voila!

I made a photo prop sign that I carried around with them in case anyone needed clarification, haha. To make it, I used a piece of scrap wood painted red, glue and gold glitter for the trim and my beloved Silhouette machine to cut out the letters using Oracal 651 matte vinyl. I found this free font called: The Greatest Font. (For sil users, I used the external offset tool at about .020 to remove the triple shadow lines on the  'cause mama doesn't have time to weed those and then I internally offset it to bring it back closer to the original thickness). 

The good news about these costumes is that our girls can use the dresses and leotard year-round! 


  • Thank you so much Melanie for your kind words! We had such a blast creating it and you’re so right, The Greatest Showman seemed to be quite the costume this year and with good reason, such a great movie & message!

    Brittany Norman
  • You are simply incredible! Way to go! The Greatest Show-theme (in particular, Anne Wheeler) was THE costume of 2018. Love it.


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