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How to Hang Mugs Under Your Cabinets without any Holes or Tools

Did you know you can hang items underneath your kitchen cabinet without using any tools or making any permanent holes? Read on for how easy it is! This is a great way to free up counter space in general, but especially if you're living in close quarters. 
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When we updated our kitchen, we did so on a major budget. I spray painted the brushed nickel knobs a flat black, we painted the kitchen cabinets ourselves and even painted - yes, painted - the tile backsplash (a detailed how-to is coming soon for all of it). Once everything was completed, I wanted to add a pop of color back in the space & I knew just what would make a statement: my beloved copper mugs. 

I have seen others use screw-in hooks to mount under their cabinets, but I didn't want any permanent holes in mine, plus I knew there had to be an easier way. That's when I found these particular command strips. I went to the local store, bought them and opened them up before leaving to make sure they would work for what I wanted to do. Regular plastic, stationery command hooks won't work because of the shape & they are not deep enough to hold a mug horizontally, but the ones I found can be hung vertically or horizontally and the hook is so thin that it hangs items with ease. 

Follow the package instructions with how to attach the two pieces of adhesive. If you aren't familiar with command strips, they're able to be removed without leaving any damage behind whatsoever. Then, just attach the hook underneath the base of your cabinet as seen in the photo below. Wait the recommended time for the adhesive to set and then hang whatever you want.

Since we're addressing my copper mule mug obsession, I found these goregous ones below and I am in love. The shape, the ornate detail and the way it comes with a copper matching straw... yes, please. It comes in a set of two and they have a 5 star review, too, so needless to say I'll be adding these to my collection soon. 

I hope you found this little DIY helpful, whether you want to hang your favorite coffee mugs (ahem, looking at your Rae Dunn fanatics), your tea towels or even your kitchen utensils - it's a cheap, easy, non-permanent way to stay organized and show off your favorite kitchen goods.