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How Zipper Bedding Will Change Your Life - Beddy's Review

This is a collaboration with Beddy's. Sources are affiliate linked for your convenience. Read my disclosure for more info.

If you haven't heard of Beddy's (bed-ease) zipper bedding yet, allow me to tell you about this game changing system.  The best way I can describe it is like a combination of a fitted sheet and a sleeping bag all-in-one, but way more stylish than the neon paint splattered sleeping bag I had growing up in the early 90's. 

We've had our twin bedding for a few weeks now because I wanted to give my full, honest opinion and I'm pleased to say that this is one product I highly recommend. If you're looking for the coupon code, it's ELLISONMADE20


Zippers on Both Sides: Unlike traditional sleeping bags which only has one zipper that goes all the way around, Beddy's has two separate zipper tracks, one on each side and they meet in the middle at the bottom. This means that you can detach the top comforter layer completely like a traditional comforter. If you have a larger queen or queen size bed where two people sleep, the zipper system allows one person one side to remain zipped up and the other person can unzip their side, 'cause some people like to stick their feet outside of the blanket at night, ahem, my husband.

Easy Pull Tabs: The round tab makes it easy for little hands to zip their beds. Instead of my husband and I "tucking in" our girls, they ask us to "zip them up" instead. 

Cozy Minky Interior - Beddy's has many styles available - some have an all-cotton interior if you'd prefer and others have a plush soft minky fabric interior - we have the minky for our girls because it is so comforting and reminds me of the baby blankets we called "lovies" that they used to have as babies.

Deep Pocket Sides - I touch a little bit more about this below, but Beddy's is designed to fit mattresses up to an impressive 15" deep. 

Comfort Panels - I didn't understand what the purpose of the comfort panel was at first because all 3 of my girls like to have the comforter zipped up around them, but if you like the comforter unzipped, this is when the comfort panel would come in play. You pull it out and it covers the sides of your bed, as well as covers the zipper portion so your skin only feels the soft interior fabric and not the cold metal from the zipper. Genius!

Elastic - The elastic at the bottom is basically the same idea as a fitted sheet; it goes on snugly so you don't have to worry about anything popping out of place. 

100% Cotton Exterior - We have the Vintage Blush II style and the quality is incredible. Did you know they are handmade here in America? As a handmade business ourselves, that gets a big thumbs up from us! 



I realize that may sound a bit extreme, but it has made a big difference in a small way and here's why:  

The fact that Beddy's is a single unit means less articles of bedding = less laundry and less time to make the bed. I've always felt overwhelmed when it came to formal bedding as an adult. My first job at 15 was at Stein Mart and I remember watching our visual merchandiser style the bedding displays - they looked beautiful, but there were SO many parts involved! I'll never forget when my husband and I got married, I registered for the most beautiful duvet cover which I thought was a fancy word for comforter. Well we received that duvet cover and what I didn't know is that you need a duvet to stuff into a duvet cover. Oops. Add in your bedskirt, euro and standard shams, a fitted sheet, a useless flat sheet, a throw blanket & a throw pillow and you'll finally have a complete bed set. Personally, I love how Beddy's simplifies things with their all-in-one approach. 

Next, Beddy's helps to keep the girls' bedroom nice and tidy while teaching them responsibility. When kids have daily chores, it teaches them to take care of their belongings and also offers structure and routine. I mean, I have kids so messes are expected around the home, but I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't cause me a bit of stress and anxiety. Nothing can explain the feeling of walking into a clean room. Making their bed in the morning is so easy - they just zip up their comforter and fluff their pillow back in place. Voila!

One of the biggest perks I've noticed is that our two younger girls have actually stayed in their beds more during the night, whereas before, they would come in like clockwork around 1-2 AM. This is a HUGE deal for me. I thought at first it was just the excitement of the new bedding, but then I wondered if maybe being zipped up all snug made them feel more secure in some way. I, personally, have to have a loose blanket on me, I don't like being tucked in so I didn't think my girls would either, but I'm truly surprised that they seem to be sleeping better now! My middle daughter especially would flip and turn and end up all kinds of backwards in her bed, she is doing so much better at night. I've read a few articles from parents of children with autism and/or sensory processing disorders that stated the snugness of the Beddys soothes and comforts their child, similar to the idea of a weighted blanket. But if your child likes it loose, you can always unzip the blanket entirely.


Something to consider is that Beddy's is designed to fit mattresses up to 15" thick & most standard mattresses are between 10" - 14", but I purchased these 8" mattresses for my girls so I did have to tuck some of the fabric on the side in to make it appear taut on the sides. The white bed frames we use have open slats underneath so it's not a big deal to pull the fabric in to make it taut, but I do think it's worth mentioning. And for what it's worth, we love our mattresses (which come in 10" thickness as well) and the bed frames - they adjust from 7" to 11", no box spring is required, and it has held up to both my husband and I snuggling in bed with our girls. 

You should know that Beddy's doesn't just make kid bedding, either, although I think they are perfect for kids rooms. They have a variety of styles that go all the way up to King size. Some of my other favorite styles are the black & white buffalo check and the classic white bedding. They're also ideal for bunk beds and RVs since it is sometimes difficult to make a bed in tight quarters. 

Lastly, I know that the cost can be a deterrent for some. I'll admit, it seems pricey, but if you add up the cost for a quality comforter, a soft blanket, a fitted sheet, and two pillow shams from any children's department store, you'll find that the price is actually quite comparable. I hope to use our Beddy's for years to come. 

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As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!